Organic Vs Inorganic Traffic to the Website | PPC VS SEO

Traffic coming from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is free, while traffic generated from PPC (Pay Per Click) ads is paid. PPC ads are displayed above organic search results or on the sidebar of search engine pages for search queries related to their topic. Depending upon the Landing page keywords, ad keywords, CPC (cost per click) bids, and targeting all influence how those ads are “served” or displayed on the page.



Organic results appear under paid ads. Getting your website or listing to appear in the coveted first and second positions of a SERP (search engine results page) depends on how optimized your website is for search engines.

So, what’s the best strategy to use for your organization and when? Here are the main factors to consider.

Your Budget
SERP Competition
Short Vs Long term
Quality Vs Quantity
Indusrty CPC

If the space is highly, highly competitive, then it can be nearly impossible to rank organically for specific terms. And in that case, PPC is going to be the majority of traffic.

For example, I’ve seen crazy PPC budgets with Costs Per Clicks that exceed $150 (yes, per click) in hyper-competitive spaces. A conversion, though, can be worth several thousand dollars, so it’s worth.

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