LinkedIn Page improvement to build network more powerful

LinkedIn Page improvement to build network more powerful:

Imagine you are in a networking party and you reach out to shake the hand of someone new. Chances are, you do not just hand them your business card, request theirs, and walk away. Instead, you introduce yourself, discuss commonalities you have with this new individual, and otherwise look for ways to build your bond. On LinkedIn, the same factors apply. You want to construct communication efforts, either through connection invitations or recommendation requests, with personalized messages that will help you start to build that important bond. The note you send should reflect the unique way you first met the person in question.



Groups are excellent opportunities to virtually meet new people with whom you might not have otherwise been able to connect. You can join a group on the basis of a variety of factors including common interests or hobbies, locations, industries, or jobs. Select ones that accurately reflect who you are and engage with them to get to know some of the other people with common traits.

Your business page should use professional images and a detailed summary that draws attention to what your business does best. Your page will be the first contact many people on LinkedIn will have with your brand. Just as you want any other branded materials to present your company well, so should your LinkedIn page. Keep it professional, engaging, and informative.
The Nature Conservancy, for example, offers their mission statement in the front and center of their page, combined with engaging imagery and regularly posting rich content.

Display Ads: You can by space though the website directly or through
Google adwords.

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