SEO: Google Analytics and Algorithms

SEO is a highly integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies. A growing number of businesses now invest heavily in improving their rankings: a project that often entails hiring web designers, writers, video crews and other content generators. So whenever the “rules” that search engines use to determine rankings change, it’s a big deal for businesses.

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SEO with Analytics & Google Sheets: Google Analytics engagement data (measured by conversion rate), sliced by landing page. Google Search Console CTR data, sliced by landing page / keyword combination.Pages with low CTR but high engagement, The goal here is to rewrite the search snippet around the keywords I’m getting impressions for – which aren’t necessarily the keywords I wrote the post to target. Pages with a high CTR but low engagement, People are clicking through from search results, expecting something magnificent, and I’m completely letting them down. The content of the page isn’t matching up to the intent of the searcher, and I can do a better job helping them answer their question.

SEO Google Analytics

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Mobile SEO: Take the rise of mobile-friendly design, for example: When Google decided to prioritize mobile-friendly design, thousands upon thousands of businesses responded virtually overnight by investing in mobile-friendly development. Those that did saw their rankings skyrocket. Those that failed to respond to these changes saw their rankings fall. This was known as “Mobilegeddon” to those of us in the SEO industry.

Google Algorithms: Search algorithms are always going to be updated and remodeled, and SEO must adapt to these changes in order to remain successful. The best way for you as a business owner to react is to understand that, despite such changes, the basic principle of SEO is always going to remain the same: Google and other search engines want to provide their users with the highest quality content.

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