Top 7 Trends That Will Transform Digital Marketing in 2017

As we know the use of online marketing is growing very fastly and people are more frequent to buy online and hence the role of digital marketing is very important.

In coming years the digital marketing will more transform with use of more trending areas. Here I am going to list expected digital marketing trends:

Content Marketing Trends

Businesses are now using a strategic approach (40%), so this is a trend we can expect to see continuing in 2017. We can also expect that there will be more focus on Measuring Content Marketing ROI as the cost and competition within content marketing increases.

More Live Video

Live video has suddenly become the internet’s favorite shiny new toy. When Meerkat entered the market it was an entertaining novelty. Now, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have all released live video offerings as well.


Wearables are one of the hottest consumer consumable commodities (e.g. Apple Watch, activity trackers, augmented reality)

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