10 Tips to Develop a SEO Friendly Website

If your website is not searchable by your users, this means all the hard work you put into developing it is not going to pay off. First page of search engine results can be considered in visitor interest. This means that if your website is on the second, third, or 50th page of results you are not able to meet success. Google works on Algorithm and you can get solution with the help of it. SEO is very basic and helpful tactic to get organic results through your website.


Let’s make sure your target market finds your site:

  1. Homepage: First impression is the last impression. Homepage is undoubtedly one of the most important web pages on website. Page layout planning helps to figure out what content to place on the page, where to place it and which content should go first. This enables you to craft a much targeted website experience that works best for the specific customers you want to attract.
  2. Integrate Social Media into your Website’s Design: When choosing social buttons, make sure you only choose the social networks that matter to you. By keeping it simple and easy, you’ll be able to increase the probability of your content being shared. Best practices recommend that social share buttons are placed at the top, bottom, or along the side of your page. Make sure to also include social follow buttons to increase your social media following.
  3. www & non-www Domain: If you would like to exclusively use either the www or non-www version of domain, this can be through the redirects area of cPanel. Redirecting a domain to either the www version or non-www version is a little different from redirecting one domain to another, so we’ve created this article to walk you through how to do either one.
  4. Create an XML Sitemap: A list of site’s URLs that you submit to the search engines. This helps search engines find your site’s pages more easily. Search engines can use the Sitemap as a reference when choosing canonical URLs on your site.
  5. txt: The robotx.txt file contains instructions for the search engines as to what pages of the site should be ignored during the crawl. It is important to make sure that no pages that should be ranking in search have the noindex attribute.
  6. Canonical URLs: the canonical tag should be applied only with the purpose of helping search engines decide on your canonical URL. For redirection of site pages, use redirects. And, for paginated content, it makes sense to employ rel=”next” and rel=”prev” tags in most cases.
  7. Research keywords: Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website.
  8. Keywords Placement: A proper written web article should comes in sections and have informational subheads. The first paragraph is where Google bot looks more at and, chances are, the first paragraph (or part of it) will be displayed in the search results along with the page title.
  9. on-page SEO: Title tag is the most important on-page SEO factor. The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title tag, the more weight it has with search engines. Place Title in an H1 Tag. It’s worth checking out your site’s code to make sure you only have one H1 tag per page.
  10. Boost Site Speed: Boost your site speed by compressing images, and switching to faster hosting. Make sure your site doesn’t take more than 4 seconds to load.Search engines look for websites that are useful for site visitors. Also, the site must be helpful and informative then only you can achieve the targeted results and visitors.

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Google introduces new tools for marketing productivity

I feel more energetic after reading this article as next generation of AdWords, DoubleClick and Google Analytics tools built to help marketing work as productively and efficiently as possible.

This article is originally posted on Google Analytics and Adwords. Also, I watched the live stream of Google Marketing next and learnt about the latest innovations of marketing. Google makes announcements for Google Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of ads and commerce talks about future of marketing. He talks about mobile search. 87% of smartphone owners turn to search first in a moment of need and search has become helpful for people. Consumer eperience is becoming more effective because of data analysis. In US 20% of searches are by voice. People expect relavent and fractionless experience in daily life with search. Intent data and machine learning make easy. AMP ads on Google Display network which will speed up by 5 sec of the ad load. He announces soon you will get Location extension and store visits for consumers using innovations like Promoted Places and local inventory ads to showcase special offers.

Bhanu Narasimhan, Director of Audience Products talks about exceptions of user’s ad experiences. She mentions that 91% people puchased or plan to purchase something after seeing a relevant ad.

Bill Kee, Group Product Manager Attribution shares about the outcome of the marketing efforts. Google announces Google Attribution, a new product to answer the question that has challenged marketers for ages, “Is my marketing working?” For the first time, Google Attribution makes it possible for every marketer to measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels — all in one place, and at no additional cost.

Karen Yao, Group Product Manager, Advertiser Platforms speaks about marketing workflows and introduces two tools Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 integrate with AdWords

Roshan Khan, Serior Product Manager, Doubleclick talks about Smarter planning in DoubleClick Bid Manager. The programmatic revolution has focused on combining data, machine learning and automation to drive better performance. However, few of these benefits have carried over to the world of media planning. To help save you time and improve performance, we’re bringing the power of machine learning to campaign planning with a new workflow in DoubleClick Bid Manager.

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Organic Vs Inorganic Traffic to the Website | PPC VS SEO

Traffic coming from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is free, while traffic generated from PPC (Pay Per Click) ads is paid. PPC ads are displayed above organic search results or on the sidebar of search engine pages for search queries related to their topic. Depending upon the Landing page keywords, ad keywords, CPC (cost per click) bids, and targeting all influence how those ads are “served” or displayed on the page.



Organic results appear under paid ads. Getting your website or listing to appear in the coveted first and second positions of a SERP (search engine results page) depends on how optimized your website is for search engines.

So, what’s the best strategy to use for your organization and when? Here are the main factors to consider.

Your Budget
SERP Competition
Short Vs Long term
Quality Vs Quantity
Indusrty CPC

If the space is highly, highly competitive, then it can be nearly impossible to rank organically for specific terms. And in that case, PPC is going to be the majority of traffic.

For example, I’ve seen crazy PPC budgets with Costs Per Clicks that exceed $150 (yes, per click) in hyper-competitive spaces. A conversion, though, can be worth several thousand dollars, so it’s worth.

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Competitive Search Strategies in 2017 for SEO, SEM and Google Search

Most search marketers understand the importance of match types and negative keyword lists with their own brand and non-brand campaigns, but for some reason this gets overlooked with competitive targeting. Beyond your competitor’s brand names, look to target names of their products and purchase consideration keyword modifiers like “reviews,” “ratings,” “durability,” “reliability,” and so on. You should look to exclude keyword modifiers that are irrelevant from a conversion perspective.

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LinkedIn Page improvement to build network more powerful

LinkedIn Page improvement to build network more powerful:

Imagine you are in a networking party and you reach out to shake the hand of someone new. Chances are, you do not just hand them your business card, request theirs, and walk away. Instead, you introduce yourself, discuss commonalities you have with this new individual, and otherwise look for ways to build your bond. On LinkedIn, the same factors apply. You want to construct communication efforts, either through connection invitations or recommendation requests, with personalized messages that will help you start to build that important bond. The note you send should reflect the unique way you first met the person in question.



Groups are excellent opportunities to virtually meet new people with whom you might not have otherwise been able to connect. You can join a group on the basis of a variety of factors including common interests or hobbies, locations, industries, or jobs. Select ones that accurately reflect who you are and engage with them to get to know some of the other people with common traits.

Your business page should use professional images and a detailed summary that draws attention to what your business does best. Your page will be the first contact many people on LinkedIn will have with your brand. Just as you want any other branded materials to present your company well, so should your LinkedIn page. Keep it professional, engaging, and informative.
The Nature Conservancy, for example, offers their mission statement in the front and center of their page, combined with engaging imagery and regularly posting rich content.

Display Ads: You can by space though the website directly or through
Google adwords.

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Tips for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the key factor that you will need to take
into account for the business plan. New generations is advance and they
are totally dependent on smartphone. This doesn’t only apply to
activities and social apps, it also applies to people looking to make
purchases or find services. The world is now a very digital and if you
are marketing your company then digital channels are going to be one of
the key of advertising your services or product.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Website or App: You can miss so many opportunities if you have no
website. People will search your business by keywords on the internet
through search engine like Google or yahoo. For the keywords you should
get some visibility on the search engine with the help of search engine

Display Ads: You can by space though the website directly or through
Google adwords.

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Google Doubleclick

To Make Better Advertising Experiences how Google Fought for bad ads, sites and scammers in 2016

In 2016, Google took down 1.7 billion ads that violated the advertising policies, more than double the amount of bad ads Google took down in 2015. If the spent is one second taking down each of those bad ads, it’d take more than 50 years to finish. But Google’s technology is built to work much faster.

A free and open Googleb is a vital resItsce for people and businesses around the world. And ads play a key role in ensuring you have access to accurate, quality information online. But bad ads can ruin the online experience for everyone. They promote illegal products and unrealistic offers. They can trick people into sharing personal information and infect devices with harmful software. Ultimately, bad ads pose a threat to users, Google’s partners, and the sustainability of the open Googleb itself.





Ads for illegal products:

Some of the most common bad ads Google find online are ads promoting illegal activities or products. Although, Google had long policy against bad ads for pharmaceuticals, last year Google systems detected an increase online. Google disabled more than 68 million bad ads for healthcare violations, up from 12.5 million in 2015.

Misleading ads

Google don’t want to feel misled by ads that it delivers, so it requires advertisers to provide upfront information for people to make informed decisions. Some ads try to drive clicks and views by intentionally misleading people with false information.

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SEO Google Analytics

SEO: Google Analytics and Algorithms

SEO is a highly integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies. A growing number of businesses now invest heavily in improving their rankings: a project that often entails hiring web designers, writers, video crews and other content generators. So whenever the “rules” that search engines use to determine rankings change, it’s a big deal for businesses.

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Ramjass College Delhi

Ramjas College Annual Fest- Elixir 2017

As Ramjas College, University of Delhi is set to complete 100 years of excellence, we proudly present you “Elixir 2017”, our 100th youth festival, scheduled to be held in the end of February in the college premises.

Courtesy: Ramjas College

All Events are held under Surveillance of Delhi Police, Private Bouncers and Student Volunteers.

The College Wishes to Associate with Brand as our TITLE SPONSOR in ELIXIR’17.

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Mint (HT Media ltd) and MIT Technology Review in association with CNBC TV 18 came together to create a credible and thought-provoking platform in India with innovation & technology at its core.



Event: A Two Day High Powered Business Conference planned for 9th-10th March 2017 at Pullman, Aerocity, Gurgoan.

AIM: The platform will talk about the new age innovation that is going to change the world we live in. Such bright minds from the across the fields will also be rewarded at this event.

Audience: A select gathering of 300+ CEOs/CTOs/CIOs, Policy Leaders, Innovators, Tech Media, Entrepreneurs and Venture Investors.



Themes: Future of Payments / Smart Cities / Digital India / Smart transport (connected cars, etc.) / Future of Energy

Sub-themes: Big Data / IoT/ Cognitive / Next-gen communication / Office of the Future


Hardware: Robots/ Drone/ 3D Printing

THEME: The Robots Among Us

Breakthroughs in robotics aregiving machines the skills they need to work side by side with us, and to learn from each other.
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